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About Apple

Apple was established in April 1st 1976, by current CEO Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. It is a multinational corporation that designs consumer electronics, and are most notorious for their iPod, MacBook, iMac and iPhone ranges. Apple boasted 3.5% of the smartphone marketshare in Q3 2010, putting them in fourth place behind Nokia, Samsung and LG.

At Macworld 2007 on January 9th, Steve Jobs announced the launch of the first Apple iPhone, along with the unveiling of their proprietary iOS platform. The handset went on sale in the UK in 2007, and sold 6.1 million units in just over 15 months. The iPhone 3G was released in 22 countries on July 18th 2008, with an announcement for the iPhone 3GS following on June 8th 2009. The iPhone 4 is their latest smartphone, which became available a year later in 2010, debuting the highest pixel resolution ever to feature on a mobile phone.

April 2010 saw the release of the Apple iPad, a tablet computer which had earned a 95% marketshare of tablet PCs in Q2 2010. The iPad 2 is expected to make its debut in February 2011, with the iPhone 5 following in Spring 2011.

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