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Reviewed by Michael Gabriel on 21st May 2008

The iPhone pioneers a new breed of mobile phones, running on Apple OS X and boasting its touch-sensitive user-interface, a huge and brilliant display, a trim and neat profile, brilliant video and music features, an Internet device, and interestingly, a lack of keypads or buttons, which, at the foremost, sets the hype. Instead of standard buttons, certain icons appear on the Apple iPhone's screen. Touching certain icons appearing on the responsive screen pops up the phone book, dials a number or glides the photo album. With these breathtaking features, Apple has stated that the iPhone is "five years ahead of the competition."

While Smartphones are reputed as bug-ridden, sluggish or difficult to navigate and use, the Apple iPhone offers an amazing experience for users. The Apple iPhone weighs about 135 grams, with its casing available in a number of sophisticated and fun colours. The iPhone's resolution at the 3.5-inch screen is at 320 x 480 pixels.

It comes with a battery that allows music playback to roughly 16 hours, and talk time of around 5 hours, including video, call and Internet browsing time. Users may opt for either the 4 or 8 Gigabyte memory version.

iPhone users appreciate the phone's quick and easy method of inputting or typing messages through a predictive QWERTY touch-keyboard that corrects typing errors automatically.

The device also comes with a built-in music player. Music album covers appear on a big screen, from which users may search their choice of music by song title, artist, and album or play list that the system has pre-sorted. It also sports a camera and video device, with advanced photo and video management settings that ensure perfect finish or allow effects. To its users' delight, the Apple iPhone also allows watching of television shows, through certain software applications.

The Apple iPhone offers a user-friendly email service that is similar to what PC and Mac users are provided with. Its email system supports IMAP and POP3-based services, including AOL Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Apple Mac Mail and Google Email. Just like the typical online email service, a user's email experience using the Apple iPhone, including images, photo attachments and graphics is easy and quick.

Looking for the ultimate Internet experience on mobile? Users attest that the Apple iPhone can give it with the EDGE software for faster data transfers. Browsing is a breeze with the iPhone's Safari Internet browser in which Google and Yahoo! search functions are built in. Internet access is possible at almost every place, through connecting with compatible devices and programs using Bluetooth, USB connectivity and WiFi.

The Apple iPhone functions within a quad band network for usability in any part of the world and automatic synchronization for all contacts that users have on their list.

Notably, the Apple iPhone supports a Google Map program, allowing satellite images to be visible on the phone's screen. The application, designed specifically for traveling users, also provides locations, directions and traffic information. The iPhone has been integrated with a widget program that offers real time data on stocks and weather reports all over the globe.

On the flip side, Apple iPhone users have clamored for "missing features," including quality of calls, low camera quality such as low megapixels and lack of autofocus and flash, lack of 3G connectivity, limited file sharing through Bluetooth and most notably, a much more expensive price as compared with other phones that the mainstream market offers, at least in the United Kingdom.

With its state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology, the Apple iPhone exudes a charm that resulted from brilliant concepts that have arguably changed the utilization of mobile phone devices, but it is not flawless. According to a user's review, the Apple iPhone has earned controversial speculations relating to its usability and main features as a mobile phone.

While others have expressed satisfaction over its cutting-edge design and advanced features, others contend that iPhone's most obvious edge over the rest of the mobile phones is limited to its physical attributes. These include its vast touchscreen display and a really modern user-interface. The rest of its user features, some say, will need some serious improvement.

"If you have the money and you love the look, the Apple iPhone is for you", an online review has noted.

User Reviews

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Reviewed on 22nd December 2010
by Stephen Thomas , Rugby

Apples first attempt at a phone and whilst not perfect was as close to perfect as you could of expected. The ground work was set with this phone and each release since has just been an evolution.

Reviewed on 20th December 2010
by David , Sherwood, OR

I had this phone for over 2 years and loved it. It was the first touch screen phone I had, but not the first smartphone. I came to the iPhone from an HTC smartphone on T-Mobile. I jailbroke and unlocked the iPhone to be used on T-Mobile as well. I loved the interface, how snappy it was and just how easy it was to use. It was slim, the battery lasted all day and everyone was jealous of my phone. Once the app store came out and it gained more features, it became the phone that everyone had to have. I still to this day, love the original iPhone design, and the look and feel of it in your hand.

Reviewed on 19th September 2008
by dasin , london

apple i phone is pretty good

Reviewed on 25th August 2008
by Philo , UK

What a waste of money,it wont lock by the time i check on my phone its gone all over the settings taking pics etc i find it hard to sms with the letters on the left i havent even used it for 1week and all have to get another phone,pleace dont buy this phone the risks are to much.

Reviewed on 19th July 2008
by Jamie , UK

Not too bad but not the best either very expensive but nice to look at and easy to use nice screen and other nice touches Wish i would ahve scouted about a bit first before jumping in feet first but hey when somethin new comes on the market u just got to have have have!

Reviewed on 14th July 2008
by Andrew Dommett , UK

This is excellent. Beautiful screen and the Touch interface works well - especially pinch. E-mail and web browsing are very simple and the text machine is great - I love how they list the conversation you have had with anyone including speach bubbles!

Reviewed on 17th May 2008
by laura , Southampton

I LOVE MY APPLY IPHONE, it has some many gorgeous features to it, It has youtube! the camera take fantastic photos and once loaded on the computer you can zoom in and see just how great they are. It just perfect to fit into your hand and what more could you want when you mobile is your ipod!!

Reviewed on 31st March 2008
by pete hamlyn , uk

apple i phone mmmm pretty good pretty expensive pretty big let down whats with the cant send picture messages only to pc's not from phone to phone, cant forward messages to my friends, cant blue tooth to another phone, wish i had known all this before spending a fortune i would have bought a good quality phone not a i phone

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iPhone is most satisfying smartphone, says survey

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iPhone is most satisfying smartphone, says survey

For the fourth year in a row, J.D Power and Associates have named Apple the number one ranking smartphone in customer satisfaction amongst manufacturers. According to the US-based survey carried out by almost 7,000 smartphone users, Apple scored 800 out of a possible 1000,  rating particularly well in well in ease of operation, OS, features, […]

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iControlPad heads into production

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iControlPad heads into production

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Google Mobile adds app search feature

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Are Apple changing their minds about Adobe Flash?

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Are Apple changing their minds about Adobe Flash?

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Apple iPhone Specifications


115mm x 61mm x 11.6mm


135 grams


Full capacitive touch screen


Scratch resistant

Size: 3.5 inches

Resolution: 320 x 480


Keyboard: On-screen

Operating System




Internal: 4/8/16GB


CPU: 412MHz




Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g



Audio: 3.5mm stereo jack

Data: Standard USB

Quad Band

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900



Bluetooth 2



2.0 megapixel camera

Video Recording



Social Networking Features

Twitter and Facebook Widgets

Email Access



Talk Time: 480 minutes

Standby Time: 250 hours



Audio supported formats

Playback: MP3, WAV, eAAC+

Recording: Supported

Video supported formats

Playback: MP4, DivX, XviD, H.26

Recording: MP4

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