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Chinese manufacturer Huawei has recently entered the UK smartphone market, and plans to offer British consumers a range of mid-spec handsets alongside top-end Android smartphones.

For more details on Huawei's latest UK-bound handsets, see below.

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About Huawei

Huawei, formed in 1987, is a Chinese company specialising in telecommunications equipment. Although relatively unheard of in the UK, Huawei is the world's second-largest telecom equipment maker, and China's largest telephone-network manufacturer.

The company may be more well-known for supplying products and equipment for leading telecoms manufacturers, Huawei has recently decided to launch its own-branded smartphone devices, such as the popualar Huawei Blaze. The majority of Huawei's branded smartphones run on Google's Android network, and usually sold through SIM free retailers.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012, Huawei launched the world's thinnest smartphone, the Huawei Ascent P1 S, which measures in at just 6.68mm thick.

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