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Reviewed by Michael Gabriel on 11th May 2010

The LG Viewty Smile was released in the second quarter of 2010, and is the latest of LG's Viewty line. As such, it provides us with a slim candybar mobile phone that measures 109 mm long and 54 mm wide. It weighs in at 95 grams, making it one of the lighter mobile phones in the market today. Not only that, the Smile has three colors - pink, black, and white.

The quad band Smile comes with a TFT touchscreen display that can showcase up to 256k colors. The screen's physical size is 240 x 400 pixels or around 3 inches. It comes with an accelerometer for auto rotating user interfaces.

The Smile comes equipped with all the current messaging functions - MMS, SMS, and e-mail (all with a T9 text feature). You can browse the Internet via its WAP browser on EDGE, GPRS, and HSDPA 3G networks. Java is also supported. Connectivity is further enhanced by Bluetooth capability and a microUSB port.

Record fine videos and take splendid photos with this mobile phone's 5 megapixel camera, which has a built-in auto focus feature. You can also listen to music files (MP3, AAC+, and WMA) and play back MP4, H.263, H.264, and WMV videos. All these media files can be stored on the phone's 100 megabyte internal memory or to a 16 gigabyte removable microSD flash card. If you get bored with your MP3s, you can also listen to any FM radio station on your LG Viewty Smile.

Taking a drive and a call comes through? Don't worry; you can answer important calls while driving your car with the Smile's hands-free speakerphone. With just a touch of a button, you can keep up with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Flickr, and Twitter.

Customizability is one of LG Viewty Smile's strong points. The phone offers different home screens that one can customize by putting in their own widgets and often used shortcuts. If you do not like anything on your Smile, you can easily download games, themes, applications, and even movies.

Looking to catch up some work? The LG Viewty Smile can read Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, and all documents in PDF format. It also has an organizer and voice memo.

Battery time is respectable enough. The lithium ion battery will be sufficient for more than three hours of talk time and up to 350 hours on standby.


The LG Viewty Smile is yet another phone that has a 5 megapixel camera without a built-in flash. What is the use of a phone camera, which can take photos of up to 2592 x 1944 pixels, if you can't use it at night or in other low light conditions? Moreover, it does not have digital zoom or even an optical zoom. Also, the TFT touchscreen is also lacking in — it cannot really display pictures that beautifully. The screen resolution is just too low for 5 mp pictures.

The absence of a wireless protocol for Internet connections is a bit of a bummer, although not too much of a hassle given that it can connect via high speed 3G. Still, being able to tap a wireless network would have given the mobile phone a quiet edge or at least put it up to par with similar phones in its range.

Furthermore, a phone that takes 5 MP images, records videos, and stores music and video files along with some nifty downloads like movies and games might find a 16 gigabyte memory utterly lacking.

Lastly, it is completely disconcerting that the current LG Viewty phone has no discernible difference over the first LG Viewty, the KU990, released in the last quarter of 2007. It has the same 5 megapixel camera, same features, same faults. Only the colors and the outside appearance, it seems, have changed. It is understandable that LG would want to rehash the successful launch of the Viewty, which at one time was rumored to have shadowed iPhone sales in Europe. But three years with no significant improvement on the hardware is not the way to go about it.

Still, if you are looking for a decent phone that keeps you connected and entertained and you are working with a lower budget, then the LG Viewty Smile just might be worth considering.

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Reviewed on 13th March 2011
by Margaret Brown , Newcastle

I am not impressed by the camera as it does not have a flash so was useless for a recent party, the camera is poor compared to my last mobile

Reviewed on 12th August 2010
by Colin Geer , Guildford, UK

Nice little phone, 5MP camera is good, touch screen is not very responsive - you need to tap it pretty hard. Lack of Installation CD is really stupid. Go here to download it... http://www.the-emz.com/temp/GT400.zip - hopefully it will still be here for a while.

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