Motorola Gleam Preview

24 Feb 2011
Motorola Gleam

If you're more about flash than features, Motorola's latest reveal might just be your perfect handset. The fuss-free Motorola Gleam has certainly been taking tips from 2004's Razr, a phone than preferred to look good than boast about high-end specifications.

Moto's latest effort sports a similar clamshell design to its older sibling, and when closed, shows off its mirrored front panel complete with an LED matrix, displaying the time, missed calls or an animation of an alligator - if that's your kind of thing. Couple this with flashing disco lights on the inside of the Gleam, and this handset means you really can party like its 2004.

Like the Razr, the Gleam packs a low-profile laser etched keypad, perfect for even the chunkiest of fingers. In keeping with its simple keypad, the phone packs a 2.4 inch colour display, showing off Motorola's basic menu.

Other onboard luxuries include an integrated FM radio, a rear-facing 2 megapixel camera with video capture, MP3 playback and up to 16GB of storage via microSD. There's no 3G or WiFi connectivity onboard, so this handset's a definite no-go for Facebook addicts.

Motorola promises to launch its latest budget blower in the first half of 2011, which once available, can be grabbed in Graphite Gray, Lacquer Red and Thistle - otherwise known as purple.