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T-Mobile are now part of Everything Everywhere, but were previously owned by Deutsche Telekom. T-Mobile UK are perhaps best known for their innovative TV and online advertising campaigns.

Find out more about the network's latest developments and browse their popular and cheapest offers with their own brand or third party handsets.

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About The T-Mobile Network

Hatfield-based T-Mobile UK started life as Mercury One 2 One, a GSM mobile network operated by the now-ceased Mercury Communications. They were later known as One 2 One, and were the world's first GSM 1800 network when it was launched in September 1993. One 2 One was purchased by Deutsche Telekom in 1999, and was rebranded as T-Mobile in 2002.

In February 2007, T-Mobile introduced their Flext contract tariffs, where allowances could be used for inclusive minutes or text messages. In May 2008 the pay monthly tariffs were regrouped into Flext and Combi for fixed allowances, alongside Solo for SIM only packages.

On December 12, 2007, it was confirmed that a merger of the high-speed 3G and HSDPA networks operated by T-Mobile and 3 was to take place starting January 2008. This would leave T-Mobile and 3 with the largest HSDPA mobile phone network in the country. T-Mobile's is also used as the network behind Virgin Mobile for both 2G and 3G signals.

On September 8 2009, France Telecom's Orange and T-Mobile owner Deutsche Telekom announce they would be merging the two networks to create the world's largest mobile operator with 37% of the markshare. The deal was finalised on April 2010, and was given the name Everything Everywhere Limited. To date, the company boast around 28 million customers.

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