Google Demonstrate Their New Mobile Software System

May 30th, 2008

Google Inc gave a short demonstration of their nearly completed “Android” mobile software system at the Internet search leader’s annual conference in San Francisco earlier this week. The demonstration took place in front of 3000 computer programmers, hoping to cultivate more services and advertising for people on the move.

Although the demonstration was brief it was the most expansive public looks far at “Android”, which is an open source platform being designed for use with mobiles phones and other mobile devices able to surf the web.

Some of the features that were unveiled included a way to unlock the phone by drawing a specific shape on the touch-screen rather than entering a password, bookmarks for favourite web pages on the home page of the device, A “Compass” device that travels with the phone while the user views photographic images of a city map, a magnifying tool that is able to zoom in on content on a web page and a mobile version of the classic Pac man game.

The demonstration used touch screen technology similar to the Apple iPhone, but Android can also be tailored to work with a tracking ball according to Andy Rubin who is in charge of the project.

The question on when Android would be available was sidestepped, but it was admitted that work on the system was almost complete and that they were sticking to the original timescale set at the beginning of the project which stated Android would hit the marketplace sometime in the final six months of the year.

Google have recruited 34 partners to help launch Android and these include several handset makers including, Samsung, HT, and LG Electronics Inc.

One of the main reasons that Google gave the demonstration at the developers conference was in the hope that programmers would help develop a wide variety of products that could run on Android.

By making it simpler and more appealing for users to access the internet on their mobile phones, Google believes it will be able to generate more money from ads it shows next to search results and other web content. Google are already showing more advertising on their subsidiary You Tube and it was interesting to see that Android had a special button from which you could access Youtube.

With the current number of mobile phones on the market at around the 3 billion mark analysts believe Google could pull in revenue of nearly $5 Billion from the mobile phone market within five years.