HD Voice: Better Quality Calls from Orange

June 21st, 2010

Last week Orange announced the launch of a trail of HD Voice in the UK. HD (high definition) Voice is quite simply voice calls with clearer and better sound quality. The Youtube video below gives an example of the difference it can make.

HD Voice was already launched by Orange in Moldova and apparently they’re the first in the world to offer this improved service. The UK trial will only be in Bristol, Reading and Southampton but there are plans to expand this to the rest of the UK before the end of the summer. It’ll be a staggered launch on various mobile handsets and only where there is 3G coverage.

It’s great that Orange are putting their 3G network to good use by improving the primary feature of all mobile phones, the quality of an actual phone call. It’s done by increasing the data bandwidth afforded to a voice call.

On a separate note, it’s interesting to see this quote in the press release: “Everything Everywhere, the company which runs Orange UK“.