LG Optimus GT540 now upgradable to Android 2.1

November 11th, 2010

LG have announced that users of their Optimus GT540 can now upgrade their Donut-equipped handset to Android 2.1.

The Eclair update will bring a few welcome tweaks to the handset, including Bluetooth 2.1 support, live wallpapers, HTML5, Quick Contacts interface and Microsoft Exchange compatibility.

To install the upgrade, you’ll first need to download it to your PC, before connecting your handset via USB cable. LG recommend that you back up all data before doing so, although content stored on your microSD card won’t be erased. They also advise that users won’t be able to revert back to Android 1.6 once the upgrade is installed.

The LG Optimus GT540 Eclair update is available to download now, from LG’s official website.


  • Mike0_15

    have upgraded now pc suite won`t recognise phone is connected ??great

  • Aw

    finaly you relece an update then it if full of bugs well done