Nokia N8 has global hardware defect, multiple handsets die

November 18th, 2010

The Nokia N8 could be hiding some major hardware faults, as people all over the world are reporting that their handset has mysteriously died.

At first it seemed likely that only a few handsets had been affected, which soon grew into a 5 page thread of disgruntled customers on the Nokia Forums. Users state that they are unable to switch on or charge their handset, after the N8 mysteriously restarted and shut itself down.

According to Russian blogger Edlar Murtazin, the issues could spread to all handsets. He Tweeted: “Story repeat itself. Nokia N8 like 5800 has damage parts in first production volumes. N8 are dying across the world. All phones are affected”.

Nokia vendors confirm the worries, with ‘nuuneoi’ Tweeting “Im owner of N8 community in Thailand. From user’s post over there, I found that about one-fifth or more has dead-phone problem.”

Nokia are yet to comment, but we’ll keep you updated. If you’re having problems with your N8 handset, let us know in the comment box below!

[Source: IntoMobile]

Update: Nokia have confirmed that a number of their N8 handsets do have power management issues. The advise any affected customers to contact their local Nokia Customer Care, and apologise for the inconvenience.


  • Kishorat

    yeah, it is true! it occasionally hangs and restart!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes…awesome! There must be *gasp* tens of complaints… out of over a million sales.nnReally? Call the perspective police please.

  • Asian Investor

    I switched to HTC after N97 disaster. I will never use Nokia products again!!!

  • Andycook1985

    nokia know about this heres wot they said n

  • Practical Consumer

    Is this the best you can do?nntry to make it sound as sh*tty a build as a iphone.nneveryone I know who has one is happynnBut the REALITY is this " Nokia WILL fix or replace" unlike its competitors.nand if that means they don't PROFIT as much as other companies so be it.nNow who really cares about their customers? Hmmmn

  • Heli Rajasalo

    Silly boys. It's not tens of complaints. Those could be hidden. Mine died 2 wks ago after only 3 weeks of pretty gentle use. I had an iPhone but I'm a Nokia fan girl. Real people who don't hold a gripe against Nokia are having problems. IT'S NOT GOOD NEWS.

  • Sm

    My N8 has just died in the UK, didn’t know there was a problem with them until now :(

    • Johnwwilcock

      second n8 to just die…Whats going on.why dont nokia do something…..

  • Markhamilanderson

    mic dont work after 1 month of usage. Got it repair under warranty but dont work again after 1 week. frustrating

  • Yacque_717

    recently, my nokia N8 died. for 2 days in a row, first it turns ON but for a few minutes it dies. then it went on like this for 2 days until finally i can’t get it to turn ON. I went to Nokia Care to have it fixed but they told me that it is not just a software problem but a hardware problem and they don’t have the required part here and they have to send it somewhere else and it would take 8 days. OMG!!!! I don’t want a Nokia again! Next time I’m going to buy an Apple or an Android!

  • Dharam Gurnani

    My Nokia N8 died yesterday…….cannot turn it ON, cannot Reset, cannot charge………..looks like it just frozen…..called up Nokia customer care….was useless……was put on hold several times….will try to get hold of them again until actully someone talks to me and tells me how can I get it fixed…………….I have used it only 4 months…………………will try to send it to Nokia customer care and see if they really care to fix the problem………..

  • Adi

    i have a problem with the blitz, nokia suck