Tesco Mobile doesn’t support iPhone 4 WiFi hotspot

March 11th, 2011

iPhone 4Following the news that sales of Android handsets has overtaken the iPhone on its virtual network, Tesco Mobile has revealed it doesn’t support the WiFi Hotspot feature in iOS 4.3.

The all-new personal hotspot feature enables users of Apple‘s latest smartphone to connect up to 5 devices to its 3G connection via a WiFi signal. However, it’s bad news for those of you who grabbed the iPhone 4 on Tesco Mobile, as it is currently blocking access to the data-sharing feature.

Speaking to Tech Radar, a Tesco spokesperson confirmed that the network doesn’t support WiFi tethering, and hasn’t enabled the iPhone’s personal hotspot feature. They said: “Tesco Mobile doesn’t currently support the functionality for personal Wi-Fi spots but plans to be able to introduce this soon for customers.” No word on when it will be introduced, or as to whether its customers will have fork out more to enable it.

All other major UK networks have confirmed that they will support the feature, so it’s not all bad news. O2 and Three will be offering tethering to customers as part of its current data bundles, while Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone will charge customers extra to share their data allowance.

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[Source: TechRadar, Photo]


  • Ade

    Where did you confirm that O2 will be offering this to customers as part of the current data bundles? Can’t find this anywhere!

  • Da Matser

    Why oh why did I buy from Tesco!? I’m tied in for two years! Aaaaaah!

  • maz

    this is a piece of software and part of the phone. Networks have no business enabling/charging/meddling or not for this. can not wait to unlock from tesco.
    Greedy sods