Vodafone Emporia RL1 goes on sale, for all your calling and texting needs

June 8th, 2011

Vodafone Emporia Rl1The Emporia RL1 – otherwise known as the “most straightforward mobile phone in the world” – is now on sale at Vodafone UK

Catering to all you calling and texting needs, the Vodafone Emporia RL1 is a self-styled ‘one function’ handset, aimed at those want freeing from the complications of iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Android devices.

Spec-wise you’ll find a 1.8-inch OLED display, coupled with extra large keys for simple messaging. Clearly targeting the elderly market, there’s also settings for adjusting text size, boosting the ringtone volume, and for coupling this “extra powerful” vibration. There’s also a neat little feature for the hard of hearing, which uses the built-in torch to let you keep you informed of incoming calls.

There’s no camera, no web access and not even a built-in MP3 player. Instead, the Emporia RL1 sticks to the essentials, offering an alarm clock, calculator, birthday reminder tool, more than eight days of standby and a talk time of up to 180 minutes.

If that’s your kind of thing, the Emporia RL1 is available to order from Vodafone UK. It’s priced at £60.00 on pay as you go, and is free from £24.38 per month on pay monthly tariffs, This’ll equip your handset with a generous 600 minutes and unlimited messages, so you can call and text until your heart’s content.

[Source: Vodafone]