Infographic: The World of Mobile Phones

January 11th, 2012

World of Mobile Phones InforgraphicEver wondered if you’re part of a small minority that use their smartphone in bed, or even worse, asked if you’re the only one who uses their handset while on the loo?

Fear not. Here at SoMobile, we’ve created a neat little infographic to illustrate mobile phone ownership across the globe – and to reveal just how those 327,577,000 handset owners in the US use their mobile phones. For example, did you know that 23 percent of Stateside mobile users will happily text and play games in meetings or in school, or that only 3 percent of the Australian popular recycle their unused mobile phones?

Having gathered a number of statistics from around the world, our infographic also reveals that around 2.7 million SMS messages are sent in China every day, which is no doubt why 70 percent of Chinese mobile users –  all 666,120,000 of them – admit they simply “couldn’t live” without their mobile. In Russia, it seems as if people can’t live without one or more handsets – with each person having, on average, 1.54 mobile phones.

Don’t go think us Brits aren’t just as bad. We’ve gathered stats that show that 37 percent of adults and 60 percent of teens in the UK are “highly addicted” to their smartphone device – double the amount of cigarette smokers in the country.