Flipboard update brings Cover Stories to the iPad

March 2nd, 2012


Flipboard, a popular social networking app for the iOS, has released its latest updated, bringing Cover Stories to the Apple iPad.

If you’re yet to get to grips with the app, Flipboard creates a personalised magazine from social networks, updates, enabling users to flip through their Facebook news feed, Twitter updates and Instagram snaps. It has now been updated to bring Cover Stories to the iPad, a feature which showcases the day’s most interesting news.

“Cover Stories is here! Already a popular feature on Flipboard for iPhone, the personalized feed offers some of the day’s most interesting news, photos and updates being shared with you,” Flipboard explained in an official blog post.

That’s not all the update delivers. Flipboard is also promising new typography and photo layouts, suggeting that it may have been tweaked to work with the iPad 3‘s mooted Retina Display. There’s also the addition of International Content Guides, which will bring UK specific recommendations, alongside a third page of titles, even easier-set up and a brand-new French language edition.

Flipboard is available to download for free from the App Store, and is compatible with iDevices running iOS 4 and above.

[Source: Flipboard]