Android smashing iOS in US smartphone market

April 5th, 2012

apple android logoThe latest ComScore survey figures show that Android now owns half of the US smartphone market (50.1%), while only 30.2%  is covered by Apple‘s iOS. This is the first time that Android has reached the 50% landmark. The good news is further reinforced by the fact that Google‘s OS saw its market share grow by 3.2% since this time last year, making it the fastest-growing of all Operating Systems.

The steadily declining popularity of RIM’s Blackberry is reflected in them dropping by 3.2% to remain with 13.4% of the US market, while  Microsoft and Symbian are way behind with 3.9% and 1.5% respectively.

The survey, which involved 30,000 US-based participants, also found that Samsung is the dominant handset manufacturer, with 25.6% of mobile subscribers owning their handsets. Apple accounted for only 13.5% of all US mobile subscribers, but also showed the greatest increase in popularity since November 2011, with a 2.3% jump in owners.

Another interesting finding in the survey is that phone users seem to be getting increasingly tech-savvy, making greater use of smartphone features such as internet browsing, games and apps.  Over 104 million people in America now own smartphones (up 14% on November 2011), with the figures showing no signs of slowing down.