Nokia 808 PureView available for under £500 on 21st June on

May 30th, 2012

Nokia 808 Pure ViewThere has been a bit of mystery surrounding the release date and pricing of the Nokia 808 PureView. It was previously listed on at nearly £600, but an updated listing on the retail giant’s website shows that you’ll be able to pick it up for under £500 on 21st June.

Amazon can generally be relied upon to give accurate details about a phone’s release and pricing because, well, they’re Amazon. If the listing is accurate then photo enthusiasts will be able to take extreme-quality snaps in around 3 weeks.

If most smartphones can be called cameraphones, then the Nokia 808 PureView should be called a phonecamera. With 41MP of super high-quality photo-snapping goodness, it really will forever change our expectations of what our smartphone cameras are capable of.

So mind-blowing is the camera, that you could easily forget the phone’s other features. Alongside 16GB of internal storage, you can also put in a 32GB microSD card. It features Dolby Digital Plus sound enhancement, and a 1.3GHz ARM 11 processor. The PureView will run on the Nokia Symbian Belle OS.