Nokia unveiling first Windows Phone 8 devices in September

July 26th, 2012

windows phone 8While Nokia could sit around feeling the pain of the Windows-shaped knife in their back after it was announced that Windows Phone 7 won’t be upgrading to Windows Phone 8, they have instead chosen to gather themselves and adapt to the reality of the situation facing them.

According to Tech Radar, Nokia will be unveiling two new Nokia devices; they in turn will be used to show of some of the new usability features of WP 8.

For now, most of what we know about Windows Phone 8 is the developer and hardware side of things. These include support for multiple-core processors, multitasking, and support for NFC and full HD resolutions. It will also run on the Windows 8 kernel, making it much easier for developers to port apps over from other platforms.

There have already been several codenames for prospective new Nokia phones circulating around the web, including the Lumia 910, 920 and – our personal favourite – the Lumia 1001.

Could Windows Phone 8 mark Nokia’s return to the smartphone big league? Possibly, but it’s certain that the upcoming OS will be much more competitive than its predecessor, with more phone manufacturers than ever showing an interest in working with it.