App of the Week: Great Big War Game

August 15th, 2012

great big war gameThere is no man out there who hasn’t dabbled in fantasies of leading an army. Whether it’s playing toy soldiers at the age of four, playing Risk at Christmas, or – when you’re a disaffected adult – loosely planning on organising a rebel army to overthrow the banks, every adult male has a penchant for war games.

For this wide cross-section of people, Great Big War Game is the game for them. Following up on the success of Great Little War Game, the sequel improves on its predecessor in many areas, while retaining the colourful graphics and mock-army humour that made the original so fun.

GBWG features substance in both single- and multi-player modes. The single-player campaign is over 40 hours long, and while it lacks a cohesive story, the turn-based gameplay provides a great challenge as you progress.

The multiplayer mode is where the fun really starts though, offering either Pass & Play gameplay, or the option to pit your wits against someone online. What’s more, the game supports cross-platform play, meaning that whether you’re an Android or iOS owner, you can play against people on the other platform.

GBWG has a graphical style that’s easy to overlook, due to its cartoony nature. However, this is a beautifully-presented game. The environments are varied and the explosions are in-your-face. All this is supplemented by smart quips from your troops and a catchy military-band soundtrack that keeps you constantly absorbed in the gaming experience.

Battles take place across land, sea and air, and there are a few terrain levels as well, meaning that beneath the cutesy exterior this is a game that will demand strategic thinking. There are countless multiplayer maps, each crammed with neutral bases, vantage points and crates that let you boost your troops’ abilities.

great big war gameGreat Big War Game is the definitive hex-based strategy game for Android and iOS. While  it could do with a wider troop variety, it manages to cram in a huge amount of tactical depth into a simple framework. For £1.99, you won’t find a better way of acting out your fantasies of military conquest.

Great Big War Game can be bought on the App Store and Google Play for £1.99.


  • cpc464freak

    Definite “meh” title, I won’t be buying the follow up.