Apple plays trump card in Samsung copycat accusations

August 22nd, 2012

Just as proceedings appeared to be drawing to a close in the AppleSamsung lawsuit, and all the major drama seemed to be behind us, Apple have gone and revealed quite possibly the most incriminating evidence to date.

Labelled by Apple as the ‘copycat’ document, the large set of pages from Samsung’s design labs shows the Galaxy smartphone and the iPhone placed side-by-side. The accompanying notes write about how Samsung could use certain aspects of the iPhone’s design to improve their own handsets.

Among the aspects of the iPhone that Samsung were drawing upon included more curved and 3D menu icons, the Hold screen, the keyboard, and aspects of the physical design.

Apple attorney Harold McElhinny commented that while ‘witnesses can be mistaken… Historical documents are almost always where the truth lies.’

McElhinny had some more damning words for Samsung as well, saying:

“From the very beginning, Samsung has disrespected this process. Apple brought you two of its most senior executives: Schiller and Forstall. They were willing to face cross. No Samsung execs were willing to come here from Korea and answer questions under oath. Instead of witnesses, they sent you lawyers.”

[Source: SlashGear]