Windows Phone 8 tipped for end of October

August 30th, 2012

windows phone 8October is looking set to be a big month for Microsoft, as the world expects them to officially release their latest desktop and mobile operating systems. Now, it seems that we have a more accurate estimate on when to expect the release of Windows Phone 8.

According to a source speaking to ZDNet, Microsoft will be making three major announcements in late October. Two of them concern the Surface tablet and Windows 8, while on the 29th we’re expecting the official launch of Windows Phone 8.

This doesn’t seem like an unrealistic expectation. Yesterday saw officially saw the unveiling of the first handset to run on Windows Phone 8 (currently known as the Samsung Aviv S), and there is plenty of talk coming from other OEMs about unveiling their own WP8 handsets.

Windows Phone 8 is going to be a major overhaul on its predecessor, and has drawn plenty of interest from manufacturers due to its support for multiple processors, HD resolutions and native code app development. Could it be the OS update to help Microsoft gain some ground on Android and iOS?

[Source: ZDNet]