Flash Player temporarily returns to Google Play

August 31st, 2012

Just when it seemed that Adobe Flash Player was a thing of the past on smartphones, it goes and makes an unexpected temporary return to the Google Play store.

This has happened due to a backlash from certain influential strategic partners of the web player, including the BBC. Apparently, the Beeb asked for Flash Player to stick around for a bit longer because its popular iPlayer service depends on it. Presumably, they need a little more time to find some software to replace it.

“Flash Player continues to be available on Google Play for users in the UK for a short while due to requests from strategic partners,” a spokesperson for Adobe told the BBC.

It’s uncertain when exactly Flash will be removed again, but it’s certain that this is no long-term comeback. Adobe maintain that ‘Flash Player will not be supported on any Android version beyond Android 4.0.x.’

Beyond Android, the same is expected to apply, with Apple being responsible for starting the trend by never including flash support for their devices in the first place.

Originally a PC software, Flash was criticised for never being effectively ported to smartphones, with HTML5 being seen as a much more viable means of displaying online content.

[Source: Pocket-lint]