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March 29th, 2011

Robert ZakRobert Zak

Robert is SoMobile’s Content Editor. Aside from writing about mobile phones, he is also passionate about cinema, rambling about it on several websites. His passion for technology is well-concealed by the fact that – as a result of drowning his HTC Desire – he’s currently using a generic Nokia phone sporting a 1.3MP camera, a colour screen and a perplexing game called Luxor Quest. Aside from being reckless with his smartphone, he’s also a talented writer and pedantic editor.

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Carly PageCarly Page

Carly is a contributing writer for SoMobile, having previously worked as the site’s news editor. When not writing about the latest gadgets, you’ll find Carly playing Monopoly on her iPad or thrashing Richard at Words with Friends.

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Phil DaleyPhil Daley

Phil is a North-West based contributing writer for SoMobile. He is a gamer, sushi addict and near-militant Android user… although the iPad has made him begin to seriously question this.

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Shonia GibsonShonia Gibson

Shonia is a London-based contributing writer for SoMobile. A loyal Apple fan from the beginning, she enjoys nothing more than uploading pictures to Instagram, being a mum and drinking cups of tea.

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Richard CappinRichard Cappin

Richard is the founder of SoMobile and is focussed on saving money for the site’s visitors. He is particularly interested in special deals from networks and retailers and also mobile phone related business news. When he’s not at work, you’ll find him drinking pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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