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  1. Reviewed on 22nd August 2012 by Robert Zak, SoMobile

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1)

    As a device, the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was the closest competitor to the iPad's dominance of the tablet market. Despite that, its sales failed to hold a light up to Apple's dominance. With the Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung have improved on the device in several areas, but will it be enough to stand in the company of the all-powerful new iPad?
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)
    Reviewed on 22nd August 2012 by Robert Zak, SoMobile

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)

    The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is an affordable, and - most importantly - small tablet that's aiming to carve out a corner for itself in the new 7-incher tablet market. With the Google Nexus 7 having set a high benchmark in this area, does Samsung's offering match its high standards?
  3. T-Mobile Beat
    Reviewed on 22nd August 2012 by Robert Zak, SoMobile

    T-Mobile Beat

    The T-Mobile Beat is an affordable entry-level smartphone from T-Mobile. The phone is made easy to use thanks to a QWERTY physical keyboard, making use of integrated socialising apps such as Facebook and Twitter a breeze.
  4. Alcatel OT-282
    Reviewed on 16th August 2012 by Robert Zak, SoMobile

    Alcatel OT-282

    Contrary to popular belief, people over the age of 70 do use mobile phones (maybe not smartphones, mind). Yet most phones aren't adapted to faded hearing and eyesight that we'll all be subjected to in old age, so the Alcatel OneTouch 282 has stepped in to accommodate such users.
  5. Reviewed on 16th August 2012 by Robert Zak, SoMobile

    Google Nexus 7

    If there's anyone who can challenge Apple's absolute dominance in the tablet market it, then it has to be Google. As the only major brand aside from Apple which is sparing in how many devices it releases, it has a similarly slick image, evoking that similar reassuring in consumers that because they release devices rarely, it must mean that a hell of a lot of thought goes into them.

Most Recent User Reviews

  1. Reviewed on 24th May 2014 by Anna Griffiths, Wales

    T-Mobile Vibe E200

    I loved this phone!!!! I had it for my 10th birthday and at the age of 13 I decided to get a new one purely because I would like more games on the phone. The querty keyboard is amazing. I have dropped this phone many times, but it just comes
  2. Reviewed on 14th January 2014 by AMCC, Portugal

    Alcatel 20.00

    Not so good for elderly people. Hard to get to the phonebook, radio gets in the way, also keys could have better tactile feedback. Menus should be simpler and quicker. Screen is good enough.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S2
    Reviewed on 10th August 2013 by Fed up, Bristol

    Samsung Galaxy S2

    If you want a phone that randomly rings someone in the early hours of the morning, takes numerous photos of the inside of your pocket and has a battery malfunction on a monthly basis,this is the phone for you. If not , get an iPhone!!!
  4. Reviewed on 26th July 2013 by ..., ....

    T-Mobile Vibe E200

    you have to be kidding that this phone is good. I tried to sell it to my cat and he bit me and ran away. This phone is horrible. Like a cockroach, you whack it with a hammer and it will come back to life. Like a flipping zombie. Do