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Samsung produce some of the most popular smartphones in their Android Galaxy series as well as other cheaper phones like the Tocco series. They are known for their superb screens and high spec devices.

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About Samsung

Samsung mobile phones are produced by Samsung Electronics, the world's largest electronics manufacturer, boasting a revenue of $117.4 billion in 2009. It's the flagship subsidiary of the Samsung Group, and was founded in 1969 to produce TVs, calculators and air conditioners.

Samsung's first mobile phone, the SH-100, was released in 1988. They launched the world's first TFT LCD mobile phone in 2002 with the SGH-T100, and introduced the first Super AMOLED display in April 2009 with the Samsung Wave. The advantages of Super AMOLED include a 20% brighter display, and 80% less sunlight reflection. Samsung Electronics are now the world's second largest seller of mobile phones, after Nokia, boasting a 21% marketshare in Q3 2010.

Despite developing their own operating system, Bada, Samsung work closely with Google's Android OS, as found on the popular Samsung Galaxy S. In October 2010, the company launched their first Windows Phone 7 handset in the UK, the Samsung Omnia 7. The manufacturer also released their first tablet in October 2010, the Android 2.2 equipped Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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