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Reviewed by Richard on 26th January 2008

The Samsung G600 is a hugely popular slider phone from Samsung. The G600 weighs just 104g and measures 102 x 48 x 14.9 mm. This slim phone is thicker than the equally popular Nokia 6300 (11.9mm) or ultra-slim Samsung U600 but has a feature set to match the larger and more expensive Nokia N95 (21mm).

This sleek black and grey slider phone fits in to Samsung's consistent style of smart phones suitable for business or pleasure, not looking like a flashy item to show off, but also not looking like a budget item. Its size is perfect for most pockets although it is definitely still noticeable. However, once opened using the superb slider mechanism the full size phone is extremely comfortable to handle.

The screen isn't as large as the likes of the LG KG800 and LG KU990 Viewty but is sufficient for most uses and produces a great quality picture with 240x320 pixels in the now standard 16 million colours. The Samsung G600 has no touch sensitive keys, which at DialToSave is definitely considered a positive as it means there are less accidental keystrokes and the phone is suitable for more users. The menu buttons feel like they are a long way from the bottom of the number keypad but this is not really a problem as only one or the other is normally used at a time. The cancel button could cause a problem for large thumbed users who are likely to press it accidentally when scrolling down on the menu.

The Samsung G600 has a superb set of features, led by its 5 megapixel camera. At the time, only the bulkier Nokia N95 had a 5 megapixel camera making the G600 a great option. Within its price range, the G600 remains a good camera phone with 4x digital zoom and video capability. The LED flash does let it down, especially when compared to the Xenon flash of the LG Viewty and the new Samsung G800. However, the picture quality for well lit scenes is consistently impressive. The camera lens itself is protected behind the slide which should avoid unnecessary smudging and scratching when left in a pocket, unlike the Nokia N95.

So, on to the other features of the Samsung G600. In the music arena, the phone can play MP3, WMA and AAC files as well as having an integrated FM radio. Songs can be played in shuffle mode. The internal memory of 40MB is not much compared to MP3 players but the phone can take MicroSD cards meaning that external memory of up to 2GB can be added. You can listen to the music on Samsung's own headphones or on third party bluetooth headphones, in fact even playing on two sets of headphones at a time.

Despite the decent web browser, the Samsung G600 is unfortunately not 3G, let alone 3.5G like the N95 so it suffers comparatively in terms of download speed. However, the price tag does not really lead you to expect this or other features like wi-fi, and it does have EDGE giving it significantly better speeds than just GPRS. The handset also has USB connectivity for using it with a PC.

The battery supports 300 hours of standby time making it a significant contender, especially for business use although the talk time is not much higher than competitors at 3.5 hours.

Overall, the Samsung G600 will be a sensible purchase for many mid-market consumers and business users, although those needing night-time photography or the fastest internet access should look to the Nokia N82 or Samsung G800 if they can afford the relevant price tags.

User Reviews

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Reviewed on 18th April 2009
by Jenny , Andover Hants.

Ony bought the mobile phone yesterday but already got the hang of most of it, I do have a problem with not being able to change the sound on an incoming text message though, can anyone help here please? apart from that, I choose this phone because I had a Samsung previously and loved it. The G600 is very compact and has everything anyone could ever want with a mobile phone, so far so good, I am very pleased with it.

Reviewed on 1st March 2009
by cj , uk

has annoying downsides can not change the soft key function can not set up multiple folders in the my folder message list can not change the settings on the message tone

Reviewed on 13th December 2008
by Phets , England

I agree, the text messaging dictionary is appalling and the way that it forgets new words just adds insult to injury. I also find it very difficult to text one handed as the phone is top heavy and it is very hard to support the phone in your palm whilst tapping without it overbalancing. I would not buy this phone unless i didn't text much.

Reviewed on 30th November 2008
by mary allen , newcastle

i love my new fone its just totally top range i cant keep my mates off it xxx

Reviewed on 27th October 2008
by Athena , London

Have only had my pink G600 for a few days and still trying to fathom a lot of things out on it. The spec says there are 63 ringtones - but I can't find them! Unless that means that's the amount you can download onto it. Have only found a few of the default ringtones which are extremely boring. The instruction booklet that came with it is awful - doesn't explain things in detail and I've had to spend hours sifting through all the various options and folders etc working stuff out for myself. I'm sure that a lot of the negative feedback is due to people not realising that this phone can actually do certain things that they believe it can't. Still, I think it's a great little phone from what I can see so far. Tested the camera and it's fab - really clear, good quality pics. Good sized screen, too. Sometimes have difficulty sliding the phone open due to there not being a finger grip bit and I'm worried that the screen might get damaged/scratched by applying too much pressure on it when sliding the phone open. Radio/MP3 player has excellent sound although I will probably change the earphones. I love the Dynamic screensaver!! Love the way it changes from daytime scene of London to nightime scene. I find myself watching the birds flying in the sky above Big Ben and it's great when a text message comes through and you see fireworks going off in the sky! Ah, simple pleasures... You can set the amount of time you want the keypad and display to stay lit or switch to dim, too. All in all, I do like the phone but I wish it had come with better instructions and a better selection of ringtones/message tones etc. I haven't had it long enough yet to come up with any real negative feedback about any major problems, so for now I have no reason not to recommend it (but be prepared to spend ages setting it all to your own preferences). So far I'm happy with my purchase!

Reviewed on 21st September 2008
by Cara , Anglesey

i think its a great phone, really thin with such a good camera as well! such a shame about the photo viewing i think, because you cant just scroll through them! very annoying. but other than that, i think its fantastic! x x

Reviewed on 7th September 2008
by sarah , london

the phone is really good apart from i cannot find how to put the phone on silent or change ring tones. does anyone know about this?

Reviewed on 24th August 2008
by Hayley , Shropshire

Ive had the G600 purple for a week now, love this colour! Very user friendly and a great camera, a bit dissapointed that you cant change the settings on the message tone and so have to put up with the default ones! The buttons and sliding action also feel a little cheap, however i do like the fact its got an FM stereo as ive never had this feature on a phone before, all in all not a bad phone, easy to use, looks good and a quality camera.

Reviewed on 18th July 2008
by Christine , UK

Agreed the Samsung G600 is a stylish phone with a great camera. Unfortunately for me I was on a contract and I could never get good service with it. My calls dropped out all the time. (I live in a rural area in Hampshire UK) After many returns to the shop and 2 new samsung g 600's I finally convinced vodafone that nokias always worked in my area but the samsung didn't. They replaced the Samsung with a nokia and I have had no more problems. Amazing that my problem is quite unique, as otherwise the phone seems to be very popular

Reviewed on 11th June 2008
by Beverley Andrews , Derbys

I was a bit of a phone addict - buying new phones every three or four months - until I discovered the Samsung G600. Slim, sleek, sexy, slidy and stylish, this phone is the best I have ever owned, bar none. The camera is superb, featuring all the functions you would expect from a mid-range camera and then some! I took a photo of my dog, changed it to pencil sketch effect, printed it out and have been asked several times if it is a real sketch of her.

All the things you'd expect are included, bluetooth, games, data cable facility, Email on the go, a decent web browser, excellent battery lifeplenty of storage rooom for tunes and an FM radio, this gorgeous little phone has everything you need and more. It also makes phone calls - which is, of course, a bonus! Love it, love it, love it!

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