Sony Ericsson T303

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Reviewed by Isabel on 25th May 2008

This 2008, Sony Ericsson is again preparing for the release of a mid-end compact slider which is said to be the cutest SE phone ever made. The Sony Ericsson T303 has been widely talked about this year as several photos has already been released on the web and a lot of people are already contemplating on the features that will come with this mobile phone.

The slider feature is said to appeal to more people with its carefully designed buttons and keys. Several reviews have already mentioned that the phone has been given a high-end finish with a mirrored screen, a metal housing and chrome finish - all these without too big a price.

According to the Senior Designer of Sony Ericsson, Lykke Taersbol, "The T303 is a great addition to the Sony Ericsson T-line of products, combining premium finish and materials with a good feature-set to deliver style and substance". With an eye-catching design and truly functional features, the Sony Ericsson T303 is bound to become the hottest item especially to those who are looking for mid-priced phone packed with high-end features.

The Sony Ericsson T303 has a built in media player that allows users to enjoy their audio and video files. The media player also has different file type support. The T303 is also packed with an integrated camera which was at 1.3 megapixel with built in viewfinder, dedicated menus and in-phone imaging and messaging features. This is of course in accordance to the EasyShare trademark of Sony Ericsson which allows their phone users to immediately send their pictures to family and friends. Send your media through SMS, MMS or Blue Tooth technology.

Bored from waiting for hours at your favorite restaurant? Now you can play full-colored java games. If you'd like to expand your knowledge about java games, it is best that you go online and download some of them or you can use your phone directly to download these games. Or you can listen to some of your MP3 ringtones or perhaps your built in radio.

We all know how difficult it is to do two things at the same time. I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of you who has encountered this problem. Well, for one, you can always tell the person who called to call you back again at again at a better time, or if you're using the Sony Ericsson T303, you can just turn on the speaker phone. Moreover, organizing is easier with an integrated alarm clock, calendar, notes taker, task list, stopwatch, timer and so much more! Its predictive text input makes sending message as easy as 1-2-3!

The Sony Ericsson T303 is available in two colors - shimmering silver and shadow back and it is can also work in several networks including GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, and GSM 1900. Its phone memory is said to be at 8MB but this varies depending on the phone's pre-configured settings.

Of you are looking for a phone that'll last for days without charging, then this is the best choice! It is believed that the phone 400 hours stand by time and talk time of up to 9 hours! For a phone measuring 83x47x14.7mm and weighing 93 grams, the Sony Ericsson T303 is bound to make made a people go gaga.

Despite the phone's many features, the absence of 3G as more and more people are already using the internet to find jobs, create jobs in the same way. It is good to know, however, that the phone is capable of connecting to WAP 2.0 XHTML. Unfortunately, this connection is so much slower.

Another downside of the phone is that it doesn't have an expandable memory so you're stuck with a very limited internal memory. Also, since the phone is java-based, you won't be able to enjoy the variety of software available for smart phones. The phone's screen is also too small and user might find it difficult to read messages. It is also said that despite the complaints about predictive text and alarm clock features are not too noteworthy.

Though a lot of people are already waiting for the release of this chic phone, user's reactions are still much awaited as Sony Ericsson T303 is still in the works.

User Reviews

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Reviewed on 23rd August 2009
by Leah , scunthorpe

Having seeing this phone in a shop i asked my mum and dad if i could have it for christmas. And when i opened it i was very pleased but that soon changed for this phone does not take very good pictures and has little space on it and only holds one song. I have had to take my phone back to the shop because it would not allow me to text and i got a new one (the same phone) and have come across yet another problem, when i ring someone they cannot hear my voice but i can hear theirs so i shall be taking this phone back and exchanging it for a different phone. I was really disappointed with the sony ericsson T303.

Reviewed on 1st June 2009
by Ashling , Lurgan

i think this phone is ok because it kept turning off on me and there is not enough memory on it and it cant hold a memory card

Reviewed on 30th January 2009
by Lynzi , Northern Ireland

I bought this phone because sony ericsson are known for there great music player phones. I don't understand whay this phone has a music player when it only has enough memory to hold 1 song! I don't think I'll be buying sony ericsson again they have gone way down hill.

Reviewed on 24th January 2009
by Gill , Surrey

Great phone very cute love it but for some reason I cant hear the ringtones as they wont play I have to ring it from my landline! is it broken or am I doing something wrong?? but it does look lovely!

Reviewed on 5th October 2008
by Steve , Watford

I've been looking for a small phone for years, nothing matches my wifes phone Nokia 6111 which should have had Expandable Memory and now Sony Ericsson have brought a similar one, which i thought was the phone I was looking for, but alais it has no Expandable memory
what a Sod, these big companies invest millions, but sony have wasted it on the T303, i will keep waiting !!!!!!!

Reviewed on 4th October 2008
by Lee , Hull, UK

Im shocked sony have done the same thing as nokia did with the 6111, it only had 19MB memory, with no card slot, yet sony have just made the same mastake... why put an MP3 player on a phone that has 8MB? 2 songs just fit... and thats with no photos or themes... its just stupid, for £50 i expected like 128MB minimum, i totally regret buying this phone... next time im sticking with LG, why phone companys insist on making these so called modern phone, how is it modern when it has less memory than my old Atari, why do we always have to pay stupid amounts for phones that have some memory in them... my old LG had 180MB and that was 7 years old... why we going back in time... over all apart from that the screen is small, but clear... the look of the phone is amazing,

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Sony Ericsson T303 Specifications

Sony Ericsson T303


83mm x 47mm x 14.7mm


93 grams



Size: 1.8 inches

Resolution: 128 x 160


Keyboard: 3x4

Operating System




Internal: 8MB



Audio: Sony Ericsson fast-port stereo

Data: Standard USB

Quad Band

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900



Bluetooth 2



1.3 megapixel camera

Video Recording



Battery Capacity: 930 mAh

Talk Time: 540 minutes

Standby Time: 400 hours



Radio: FM with RDS

Audio supported formats

Playback: MP3, eAAC+, WMA, WAV

Recording: Supported

Video supported formats

Playback: MP4, Xvid, WMV9, H.263, H.26

Recording: Supported

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